“It never happens to me” is a common way of thinking even though the number of burglaries and break-in attempts increases worldwide every year. The solution, for those who worries, is often an electronic security system with the intent to deter. Unfortunately the effect is often absent since burglars many times are aware of how the systems works or aim for a swift hit and run using powerful machines.

We at Engtex know the importance of being able to sleep well at night. We know that security is based on trust. Our proprietary and world-leading chainsaw protective textile is already used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide for personal protection. We have now taken the next step by launching, a further development of this fabric, Avertic Armour. Avertic Armour is a security panel, with multiple layers of super strong textiles, designed to withstand break-in attempts when powerful tools are used. Powerful grinders, concrete cutters, reciprocating saws, drills and chainsaws will surrender. Avertic Armour has been installed into security doors, armored CIT vehicles, security walls (domestic and commercial), safe-rooms, safes, etc. Avertic Armour can be installed into almost any safety construction or products without steeling space or adding much weight.

Avertic Armour was nominated, Finalist, Best Innovation-Protective Textile at ITMA 2014 and Best Innovation-Security Product at IFSEC 2015. Avertic Armour was then presented at BBC´s show "Crime Watch".


For more information contact Johan Juntorp (see contact)