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Business operations originally commenced in 1939 and even though we have gone through changes in ownership as well as staff one strategy have reminded constant throughout all major decisions:

- Flexibility and the ability to adapt rapidly to changing circumstances

This strategy has led to Engtex being a company that today can offer:

- Products that can fulfill the exacting quality demands
- A highly competent, efficient and flexible product development service

Engtex has been very keen to apply and utilize new modern technology in our production process as well as in our communication to adapting to changing circumstances. Customers can feel a close proximity to Engtex as a supplier.

Engtex is actively involved in the development and manufacture of highly sophisicated products in the fields of technical textiles. Engtex has been able to gain a wide range of experience, solid knowhow and extensive skills, both theoretical and practical.

The combination of technical knowhow in warp knitting and similar technologies together with a vast network of contacts puts Engtex in the position of being able to offer an atractive combination of research, design and development. This network of contacts among colleagues in the branch, suppliers and scientific institutions has proven to be extremely advantageous in Engtex´s continuosly ongoing R&D work.

Apart from development in our present market we also strive to be active in basic research within totally novel areas and business concepts by studying combinations of functionalities and interconnection processes in value added levels other than our own.



  Business Concept
- Engtex shall be a leader in the development, manufacturing and supply of technical textiles
- Our customers represent a broad spectrum of industry all around the world
- Our products are developed in close collaboration with customers, suppliers and scientists
- Our manufacturing machinery fulfills the most exacting demands with regards to quality, 
  flexibility, service and cost effectiveness 

Business Policy 
- We aim to be the leader in developing and manufacturing warpknitted technical textiles. Our customers & clients represent a wide range of industries that are based around the world. 
- We pay close attention to customer feedback in order to improve our products and operations. Continuous improvement is further ensured by regular audits designed to detect departures from our exacting operating standards. 
- We comply with all current legislation and requirements governing our operation. 
Product development 
- We develop our textiles in close cooperation with customers, suppliers and researchers. 
- The environment is a primary concern in all our development work. 
- Our products are manufactured to rigorous standards in terms of quality, delivery service, cost effectiveness and environmental impact. 
- Engtex works actively to prevent damage to the environment, indoor and outdoor, and to minimise the use of natural resources. 
- All employees at Engtex should be treated the same in terms of job assignments, pay or working conditions regardless of their gender, parental status, ethnic origin, age or sexual orientation. Bullying and harassment of any kind are wholly unacceptable and must be combated. 
- All our employees should receive the training and information they need to do their jobs properly, to develop new skills and contribute to the continual improvement of production and business processes. 
- We ensure that all company members feel that Engtex is a safe and secure place to work. 













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