Quality & environment

By teaming our dedicated, qualified staff with equipment at the cutting edge of technology we are able to provide production capacity here in Mullsjö, Sweden, that is as fast as it is reliable and efficient.

Engtex products are manufactured to rigorous standards in terms of quality, delivery performance, cost effectiveness and environmental impact. Engtex works proactively to prevent damage to the indoor and outdoor environments and seeks to minimize the use of natural resources.

Structured, continual improvement efforts, ambitious internal goals and stringent procedures mean Engtex facilities fulfil the following standards:

ISO 9001
A quality management system that includes systematic reviews of, and improvements to, operations.

ISO 14001
An environmental management system that ensures systematic environmental protection and the more efficient use of resources.

Oeko-tex 100
A standard, developed for textiles, that ensures no substances harmful to health or the environment are used in manufacturing.

Our manufacturing process is specially adapted for working with synthetic filament yarns such as polyester, polyamide, polyethylene, glass, aramid and other highperformance fibres.

We work exclusively with knitted textiles as we recognize them to provide superior quality and performance. We create textiles with the characteristics and specifications we want using a number of different treatments.