The future of technical textiles

Functional textiles for specific purposes

Engtex is a leading developer and manufacturer of highly advanced technical textiles. In our brand-new production plant in Ulricehamn, Sweden we have one of the most modern machine parks in the industry. Every textile we manufacture has a functional purpose for products used in the automotive, military, building and infrastructure industry and more.

Welcome to Engtex!

1. Development

A constant phase of refinements to achieve first-grade products

2. Testing

Making sure qualities meet expectations

3. Production

We manufacture our textiles in Europes most modern facilities

4. Beaming

In house beaming allow is to customize the process

5. Knitting

Warp knitting tricot and warp knitting weft insertion, our expertise.

6. Finishing

We pre-determine dimensions in our stenter machine

7. Coating

Fabrics with surface finishing

8. Delivery

In time delivery to any corner of the globe