A long history under one roof

Our History

Engtex has a long history of textile production that started in the 1930:s.

Since then we have gone through being a normal textile producer to one of the market-leading manufacturer of warp-knitted technical textiles in Europe. Our worldwide reputation about our high-quality technical textiles spans over several different market sectors and enable us to deliver technical textiles globally.

This we can do because of our most valuable asset; our employees. They have over the decades collected know-how and experience and shared it with next coming generations. We believe in treating all people fair and are always open for new ideas. No matter if it’s an employee, supplier or a customer. This is the Engtex way….

Engtex facility 2020


Europes most modern production

Engtex builds Europes most modern production plant in the textile industry in Ulricehamn, Sweden. Covering an area of 15.000 m².

Avertic chainsaw protection trademark


Avertic® is created

The brand Avertic is submitted to the Swedish Patent and Registrations Office.

Engtex building in Mullsjö


Engtex gets certified by ISO 14001

Engtex environmental management certified According to ISO 14001

Engtex ISO 9001


Engtex gets certified by ISO 9001

Engtex quality management Certified according to ISO 9001

Avertic chainsaw protection trademark


Patent for chainsaw protection fabric

Engtex granted a patent for its famous chainsaw protection fabric

Engtex Kjell Eng


New knitting technique

The first weft insertion machines was installed and Engtex begins knitting using WIWK-technology (Weft Insertion Warp Knitted).

Engtex factory


First chainsaw protection fabrics

The first chainsaw protection Fabric launched and introduced to the world.

Engtex Factory Employees


The Begining

The company was established and was initially focusing on regular textile production.