Inhouse production - fit for flexible solutions

Capacity and flexibility

Through in house production we can offer flexibility and high capacity productions.

We master beaming, warpknitting, finishing and coating. We do it all in house, like we have done since  the beginning of the late 1930s. Now we produce more than 600 000 sqm technical textiles every week.


Our ability to produce customized products.

Product flexibility

We have a range of standard products from 10 gram/sqm up to more than 1000 gram/sqm.


We offer a market flexibilty since we can manufacture products in many ways. Small or huge quntities, standard or tailor made in a variety of different machines. 24-7, at your service.


Our in house beaming department allow us to customize the process.

To get a proper warpknitted textile in superior quality we make the warping process ourselves. We have warping machineries equipped with modern yarn guard system to prevent yarn breaks in the beams we  produce. In the creels we can place up to 1210 yarn cones and use different types of yarn. We have a number of different beam sizes to meet the demands of different constructions and volumes of the textile items we produce in our plant.


Warpknitting tricot machines and warp knitting weft insertion machines. Both types in several widths and gauges.

We do and prepare for a constant modernization of our machine park as we make frequent investments in new warpknitting machines. The machine type  we use are two in number and we call them tricot and raschel with weft inserts (WIWK = Weft Inserted Warp Knitting). The machines are adapted for the business areas that we work with in terms of both the width of our articles and the fineness with regard to the number of needles per inch.

Engtex capabilities warpknitting


We can pre-determine dimensions for length and width in our stenter machine.

We have invested in a stenter frame to have more control over the finishing process and to shorten the deliverytime to our customers. Our philosophy is – the more we can produce or refine under our own roof is a strength booth for our customers and for Engtex as a whole.


Engtex offers fabrics with a surface finishing according to specific needs and end uses such as chemical binders for PVC and TPO coating, other chemical binders can be used on customer requests. With controlled pick up over full width up to 450 cm and a specified drying time the adhesion level is reached, and all requirements are met including non-wicking. Combining the advantages of a weft insertion warp knitting fabric formation and a special designed finishing line, makes Engtex a strong supplier in the coating industry.

Engtex capabilities Coating

Development & LAB

A constant phase of refinements to achieve first-grade products 


We’re constanly pushing the production and development of new ideas into the future. We want to continue making first-grade solutions like we’ve always done.

At Engtex, we continuously strive to make our products first-grade, and to keep them that way. Strongest, toughest, safest, durable and sustainable, to meet and frequently exceed our customers needs and requirements, throughout a constant phase of refinement. The close collaboration between our customers, experts, test institutes, universities and our own team of developers, has laid the foundation to our success. A modern facility equipped with the latest machine technology contributes to superior product quality, which simultaneously enables potential growth in both existing as well as new market sectors. Wherever there is a need for technical textile, Engtex will help you and your company to develop the desired solution.


Testing and evaluation of our products is a crucial task, which we are carrying out batch wise and/or with a predefined sample frequency, to fulfill quality requirements from customers and standards. In addition to this, our product development relies significantly on the outcome of each trial, where after corrective actions can be determined, towards achieving a first-grade product. The tests are mainly performed in-house, facilitated with dedicated test equipment and know-how.

We are capable of handling the following tests in-house; household wash, anti-wicking, viscosity, surface weight, thickness, tear and tensile strength, and protection against hand-held chainsaws according to standards.

ISO 11393 (replacing EN 381)

ASTM F1897

AS/NZS 4453.3

GOST 12.4.277-2014

Engtex Capabilities LAB