Market Sectors

Applications for our technical textiles


Production consider the environmental aspects of pollution, chemical handling etc. Production according to legislations controlled by authorities. REACH Correct textile = less coating = positive economical and environmental effect. 


Roofing Membranes

Custom made pre impregnated reinforcements

For 40 years, Engtex is a supplier to the single ply PVC roofing industry with customized constructions for high demanding properties such as wind up lift, tensile strength, non-wicking, tear strength and cold bending.

These fabrics can be provided in a greige form or with a customized binder (i.e Plastisol) tailored to the adhesion requirements.


Swimming pool liner, Pool cover, Pond liner

Special technical requirements? No problem.

Special fabrics with adapted chemistry for special applications with the focus on technical requirements and functionality are part of the fabric offering of Engtex.


Coat Substrates

A wide variety of fabric constructions based on the properties of warp knitting are designed by Engtex to fulfill the needs of coating applications such as sun protection screens, tents, air ducts, ventilation ducts, tunnel lining, suspended ceilings, advertisement mesh and other general coating.


Reinforcement Fabrics for Industrial Tape

Custom design in high quality.

Warp knit reinforcement fabrics for different types of industrial tape products are part of the fabric offering from Engtex.

These fabric constructions custom designed are used to manufacture high quality industrial duct tape on high speed production lines with good processability and minimum stop time due to optimized roll lengths.

Warp knit fabrics result in a perfect straight tearability in cross direction but keeping the tensile strength in machine direction.

Different constructions are offered according specific needs and end use.


Backing | Scrims



We have a long-lasting experience supplying the Automotive Industry meeting the high standards required.

At Engtex we have multiple types of scrims for automotive applications. Scrims are utilized for foam backing and support. Our textiles are durable, high quality and meet automotive industry standards and requirements.

The fabrics can be used as reinforce for foam, velour adhesives, seat covers cable fittings and fixtures but also for seat heating. 




Technical textiles especially devolped for reinforcing asphalt and other land masses.

The basic principal used in our solution is the absorption and dispersion of energy within the textile instead of in e.g. an asphalt pavement.

Depending on end use, energy absorption requirements vary and Engtex adapts textile construction through the choice of yarn fiber and design. Most commonly fibers in our products are glass fiber, basalt or a mix of both together with a 100% PP nonwoven. These geocomposites are typically used on roads, highways and airport runways.

Engtex Asphalt




Engtex develops textiles for military use such as fabrics for Camouflage and military gears.

This segment deals exclusively with critical situations where material function and quality may never fail. Research, technologically advanced production and rigorous testing make sure we always deliver – even when demands are at their toughest.

Engtex Military applications




High demands, high expectations, advanced technical specs, we will help you.

Engtex interior textile covers a wide range of products. We can supply flame retardant fabrics, up to 5,4 m width. Fibers used are inherently flame-retardant Polyester or Polyester. Our material could be used for suspended ceilings and walls. These material gives also acoustical performance. Other products are fabrics for display systems, exhibitions and decorations.
We develop our products to be sustainability and Polyester has a long life time and fabrics with inherently flame retardancy do not release any finish which could harm the environment, and the functions active in the textiles remain firmly anchored in its fibers and yarns.



Avertic Chainsaw Protection | Avertic Armour


Avertic Chainsaw Protection

PPE – Avertic® Chainsaw protective textiles from Engtex

Engtex has been the world leader for Avertic ®chain saw protective textiles since we first launched it in the early 80:s. Since then we have continued to develop our technical textiles in the Personal Protective Equipment field for chain saw protection. Nowadays we sell these fabrics under the brand name Avertic® all around the globe.

Avertic® chain saw protective fabrics are developed with great attention paid to comfort and durability in addition to the actual safety aspects. Our Avertic® chain saw protective textiles can be used in trousers, jackets, gloves and shoes; and they are of course also Oekotex certified. Avertic® fabrics has a solution for each of the globally used standard, below is the most commonly one described. For more information please contact us at or have a look at

EN 381

ISO 11393

ASTM F1897

AS/NZS 4453.3

GOST 12.4.277-2014


Avertic Armour

Our sophisticated armor solution made to enhance the security level in all kinds of products.

Avertic Armour is a product invented by Engex that targets the world-wide security industry. Avertic Armour is an anti-theft liner that can be installed into any security product or construction. The liner function as an extra protective layer to stop modern tools/machines like grinders, cut-off saws, reciprocating saws and drills. The liner itself is only 8 mm thick and as light as 2,5 kg per SQM (m2), Due to the liner unique features, it replaces thick concrete, steel and other conventional materials.
Avertic Armour protects CIT (Cash In Transit) vehicles, ATM´s, Strongrooms, Security walls, security doors, different types of security enclosures, roller shutters etc. globaly.
Find out more about Avertic Armour following the link down below.